How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes

The tool name hinge holes are very significant for any type of stripped door. a good quality hinge hole you use in the door makes it more solid and ongoing. So let’s have a short discussion about that in our daily routine. How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes.

The basic purpose of hinge holes in stripped doors

The basic purpose of the hinge hole in the manufacture of the stripped door is to support its frame on some fixed point which helps it in opening and closing. It is hardware that attached any stripped door to its frame it plays a very important role while replacing the old door with a new one. How to fix stripped door hinge hole? What tools and steps are needed while repairing it?

We have one easy and quick methods to fix door hinge holes with all steps


Tools we need for this method is

  • A good drill
  • A wooden dowel
  • A good quality wood glue
  • Shop brush
  • A screwdriver
  • A small drill

Following we have 8 steps to complete it

Step 1: make sure your all accessories are complete while starting the process

Step 2: Drill out the old holes

First, we drill out the old holes and make the frame pure with dust and previous nails, and clean all old screw holes.

Step 3: Fit your wooden dowel

Dry fit your wooden dowel and make sure it’s tightly fixed and keeps the margin of glue for its final fixing don’t push it hardly afterward you won’t get them back to glue it.

Step 4: Add glue

With the help of your shop brush apply wooden glue in the holes accurately and apply gently on the all-around surface of the dowel also.

Step 5: Insert the dowel

Before inserting make sure all sides of the dowels are layered with glue, then insert the dowels in the clean old holes with a mild press. After this clean the remaining glue with an extra piece of cloth to avoid the sticky mess around the hole and let it dry.

Step 6: Clean the mess around and wash the tools

In this step, we wash our shop brush under the tap water with full pressure because if we will not wash it quickly it will not be able used again for single use.

Step 7: Mark the new pilot hole and drill them

Make sure the glue is entirely dry and then mark the new hinge hole location with a led pencil. After marking the step drill it with a small drill and pilot a new hole for our screw. Keep in mind the new holes are always smaller than the previous ones.

Step 8: Reattach The Screw

In the final and last step reattach the screw with the help of a screwdriver and check later that it has enough grip the door will move easily. And ask yourself this method to justify your question about how to fix stripped door hinge hole?

We also have some short methods to fix this problem

  • By using the golf tee, in this case, holes are big enough. For this method dip the golf tee in the glue and fix it in the extra space and press or tap it gently with a hammer that fills the space and cut off the extra piece. This method works as wooden dowels without uninteresting new holes
  • By using toothpicks and match sticks, sometimes the hinge holes of the stripped door become a little loose in this scenario holes lose their grip, and the extra space damages the wood. To avoids this kind of hurdle we can also use two-three or multiple toothpicks and match stick. First, we unscrew the hole and dip the sticks into the glue, put the stick in the hole, and press it enough to fill the space. When we confirm that the hole is filled then remove the extra stick’s length. Make sure the glue is dry try the hole again. This method is used to fill the small hole which we don’t want to drill again and again.
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes
  • Replace the screw with a longer screw, so after reading this method a question arises in your mind definitely that how to fix stripped door hinge hole by replacing the screw only and how we can fix the longer screw in the same place but it is the quite easy and best way to stop a door from getting worst. In this method, we unscrew the previous screw with the help of a screwdriver and put the longer screw with the same diameter into the stripped door hinge holes because the longer screw bite deeper into the hole and make a strong grip by securing the place in the wood.
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes
  • By using cone-shaped anchors with the same diameter, bring some plastic, metal, or cylindrical wood anchor with the same diameter that we have in our hinge holes, now remove the screw with a screwdriver and put the anchor in it to make it fit tightly into the stripped holes then reattached the screw in hinge hole again you will see the difference that how to fix the stripped door hinge hole by using the anchor, for the honest review the plastic anchors work best, this method doesn’t need any drilling, etc.
  • By using the cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) to fix the loose holes, we use this method by removing the screw and squeezing some cyanoacrylate glue into the hinge hole, and letting the glue preserve for 2 minutes only then applying the screw back into the hole. in this, the cyanoacrylate glue has the quality of fast-dry that convert into the polymer resin when it is cured it holds the hinge hole screw of stripped door securely.
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes
How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes


After all, above the discussion, our problem name HOW to fix the stripped door hinge hole is easily resolved. Above we have not only a method of drilling new hinge holes in the stripped door but also describe the methods of repairing them. After reading this, you do not need to call your carpenter to fix your problem but you can fix it by yourself by using common things that we use in our daily routine.

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