List of the Best Video Animation Software for Beginners

Meta Description: If you are a beginner video animator and are finding the best video animation software, then with the following list, choose the best software for you. 

Back then, Animators created cartoons by hand. But now, the animation world has come a long way from that. Various animation software is introduced that you can use to create amazing animations. However, there are many complicated Video animation software, but many are beginner-friendly, which we will talk about in this article. This video animation software does not require prior training to use.

Nowadays, animation software is not only used for making cartoons for entertainment purposes. But its use has expanded to the marketing industry as well. Animations are widely used for marketing purposes. You can see big advertisement industries using animations to promote their goods and services. Video animations are utterly effective in increasing brand awareness. Even if a brand is relatively new, animated videos can help it establish a presence in the target market’s minds.

One common misconception in the market that prevails is that animation software is expensive. But that is not the case. You can find many free animation software with top-notch features. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money on video animation software, you can take advantage of free software. However, there are also many video animation software that is not that costly. So if you are a professional video animation services provider, you can use such software.

We have assembled a list of some of the best beginner-friendly software. You will be able to select the best software for you after you read this article.

The Best Video Animation Software for beginners:

  1. Powtoon:

One of the best video animation software is Powtoon. It is excellent for beginners. It is an online video animation software founded in 2012. More than 30 million people worldwide use this software for making excellent animations. The average time to make a video on Powtoon is 20 minutes. 

The free version of Powtoon is standard and has limited access to the Powtoon image library. And your animation video limit is only 3 minutes in the free version. You can then export these animation videos to different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and any other website. There are many readymade templates available in this software that can aid beginners in making their first video animation. It has a pretty smooth process of adding characters to the slide. This feature improves the user experience. However, the characters in the accessible version of Powtoon are really simple. 

  • Animaker

Another excellent video animation software is Animaker. It is web-based animation software and offers free trials for beginners. This software is free of complex technicalities and is very easy to use. It is excellent software, especially if you are a marketer. HTML 5 Engine powers this software that is the reason for its excellent performance of this software. If you are a beginner, you can also take advantage of the multiple pre-made templates. And the great thing about these templates is that they are free of cost and customizable. There is a huge asset library in Animaker, and you can also customize the character as per your video demands. Unlike Powtoon, you can effortlessly add complex moments of the characters with the intelligent move feature in Animaker. However, with the free plan, you can make long presentations. 

  • Blender: 

This video animation software is designed for mac, windows, and Linux computers. Since it uses OpenGL, it will provide you with excellent software. You can create amazing 3D animation videos with regular stills with the help of this software. You can also modify your animated characters’ poses with its editor and create character movements using linear animation. It has mirror functionality which is its best feature. The shadow and lightning feature in it is also professional-looking. However, you may face a few difficulties in editing the images. Its free version, too, is compelling.

  • Synfig Studios 

This video animation software is used for making 2D animations. It is open-source software designed for Mac, Windows, and Linux software. This software’s free version slowly lets you change the shape of your vector artwork according to your needs. 

Synfig lets you use over 50 layers of animations. These 50 layers can include anything from geometric, gradients, filters, distortions, transformations, fractals, and others.

With the help of the powerful bone system, you can cut out animations from bitmap images and manage your vector artwork.

By adding an extra Skeleton Distortion layer to your bitmap artwork, you can add complicated deformation. And lastly, this video animation software also allows you to add dynamic structures. You can do that by connecting parameters from different layers using mathematical expressions. 

One great thing about Synfig is that there would be no effect on the resolution once you are done animating. However, its interference can shut down on its own sometimes or gets slow 

  • Adobe Character Animator: 

Another excellent video animation software is adobe character animator. It is a paid software but it encompasses impressive features. You can animate cartoon characters quickly in real-time. This software also can capture your facial expressions easily. And the most fun part is that you can live stream and live chat while animating. So if you are a professional video animator and want to teach others, then this software is excellent for you. 

With this video animation software, you will receive a smooth editing and recording experience. There are many templates available for your use. Although this software comes with a cost, it provides you with a free 7-day trial. 

This is a great software for novice video animators as it allows you to animate videos in record time. However, the only downside is that anime characters don’t have much physical movement.

  • Maxon Cartoon Animator: 

Another excellent video animation software is Cinema 4D by Maxon. It is excellent for beginners and can be operated on Windows and Mac. Its interference is easy to use, making it perfect if you are new to the animation world. You can also learn on this app by watching video tutorials uploaded by its users worldwide. These videos will help you to become a professional video animator in no time. It also has special features for professional animators. Its wide range of attributes makes it perfect for beginners and professional animators.

Its layout is quite accessible, and it makes sure that everyone can access the software easily. New features and functions are only released when tested and approved by beta testers. 

Everything from texture to movements, all the areas of animations are covered in it. You can even customize your layout according to your need, making using this software easier for you. 

There are many free service packs available on their software that helps in the optimization and adaptation to the alteration in various drivers and operating systems. You can also make last-minute changes with this software. It has an efficient help system that will help you find necessary information about any tool just with a right-click. 

You can buy this software for $999 for one year or pay $60 per month.

This software has a smooth and spontaneous user interface and a powerful assistance system and is best if you are a beginner. Before purchasing the software, you can get a free trial, but unfortunately, there is no free version. It is excellent software, but it is pretty costly if you are a beginner and are just learning. However, if you want to enhance your skills, it is excellent software. 


Doing animation has become easy with the help of software. However, finding the right software can become a hassle. But, this list will help you select the best software that is beginner-friendly. Some of this software has paid, and free versions both that’s why select the best one according to your needs and budget. 

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