Gokarna Beach Trek – An Awesome Experience


If regular trekking is too main- sluice for you and you want to witness the exhilaration of touring with a difference. Gokarna is a small tabernacle city in Karnataka that is popular for the Mahabaleswar Shiva tabernacle located in the main Gokarna city. The sand journey starts from then.

Gokarna has several strands and the journey route is popularly known as the “ Golden Route “. The trail will be walking on the sand beach by the side of the rocky hills on one side and the far-stretching Arabian Sea on the other side. The route will pass through several strands starting with Kudle sand, also on to the more popular On sand which is in the shape of OM and sees trippers spending long hours. You also move on to further rocky hills and reach partial Moon-shaped sand or crescent sand. The sand hopping trail ends with Paradise sand. The walk over to the paradise sand is fairly delicate as the route is full of rocky hillocks.

Gokarna, located 520 km from Bangalore, and 170 km from Panjim, is an ideal place to spend your weekends touring on the sand and indulging in bouldering on the props of the great Arabian Sea. The place is all the more charming as it offers you the stylishness of both worlds – trekking on the littoral lines around virgin hilly pitches. The journey is beautiful yet challenging due to the precipitous rainfall conditions at the reinforcement.

Gokarna Beach Trek – All Details

Gokarna Beach Trek substantially covers the four major strands of Gokarna – Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach. Before moving to details, check out the kind of views you’ll get on this journey below!

Where to start the Trek from?

Option 1 : 

The Gokarna Beach Trek can be started from either of the minimum ends – in Gokarna Main Beach or Balkan Beach. You have to take the usual road to reach Kudle Beach and this is why Gokarna Main Beach isn’t a part of the Gokarna Beach Trek. So you may start the journey at Kudle Beach and start pacing towards Paradise Beach.

The advantage that you get in this option is that you can spend further morning time on Kudle Beach and Om Beach which are the most delightful to syncope at. In addition to this, the after half of the journey – after Om Beach, is substantially through the timber. Still, either way, it isn’t that big of a problem.

Another disadvantage of this option would be that there are veritably many ferries that drop you until Kudle Beach. Utmost ferries only drop you till Om Beach and in case you’re late, you may still have to hike back towards Kudle Beach in the dark, which isn’t really safe. However, this option isn’t veritably doable for you, If you plan on catching the evening from Labyrinth on the same day.

Option 2 :

Alternatively, you may choose to start the Gokarna Beach Trek from Belekan Beach or ParadiseBeach.However, your journey will substantially start from Belekan Beach, If you join a group stint from Bangalore or any other megacity. There isn’t an important beach or a long bank at Belekan Beach, it’s just a point up to which the Tour Operator can take you on the road from the other side. If you’re doing this journey without a stunt driver (which is veritably important, doable, and possible) you can rather take a ferry to Paradise Beach and start the journey directly from there. You’ll just be missing out on the 1 –1.5 km hike from Belekan Beach to Paradise Beach.

This option has two main advantages. You aren’t under any pressure to catch a ferry by the end of the day. If you start beforehand enough you’ll have ample time to chill on every single sand and have a peaceful lunch as well. You’ll also be back in time for the evening. Another advantage of this option is that beforehand in the morning (around 10 am), when there haven’t been numerous ferry lifts, chances of spotting dolphins on the way to Paradise Beach are advanced.

The only disadvantage of this option is that the frequency of ferries from Kudle to Paradise Beach is less and you might have to journey from Kudle Beach to Om Beach in case the ferry isn’t available.

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